Best Inventory

Expedia’s supply team delivers the world’s best inventory of quality hotels in great locations worldwide. And we’re negotiating daily to deliver the best prices, unique offers and special deals for our partners. Boutique luxury hotel in Rome? Beachfront resort with infinity pool in South Beach? We’ve got them at unbeaten prices, and more of our hotels are available all the way up to the day of travel.

  • Millions of room deals in 173,000 hotels worldwide with rich content, reviews & ratings
  • Great, central locations with the highest quality ratings
  • The best price up to 88% of the time in some destinations, coupled with daily deals and packages

Optimized Technology

We’ve spent over a decade perfecting a technology platform that makes it incredibly easy for your customers to find and book the perfect hotel for each journey. And we’re making it even better every day. Our plug & play template, Chameleon, makes it easy to merchandise around specific locations or events. And our API is one of the industry’s most flexible and robust hotel pipes.

  • Full private label platform
  • Easy to use template solution
  • Open, rich API (35 languages and 24 currencies)
  • Resilient platform
  • Processing power (20 million price and inventory changes made daily)
  • Self service tools and easy access

Superior Economics

EAN writes the biggest checks in the travel business for our partners. Instead of focusing on intermediate metrics, we maximize Total Partner Return: getting more of your site’s visitors to book higher-margin hotels for longer stays, while keeping support costs and cancellations to a minimum. We also take bookings by phone, earning revenue from the people who don’t want to book online (as many as 20% in some markets).

  • Quality inventory means higher booking value
  • Pre-pay translates to fewer cancellations
  • Offline sales in addition to online sales support
  • $630 million paid in commission checks over the past three years

Retailing Insight

We process 146 million room nights a year, and our supply team shops the market daily. No one knows more about online hotel retailing. And we make all of this data, experience and insight available to you, wrapped up in eCommerce best practice. Helping you to achieve a great return that keeps getting better.

  • 18 years of online travel retail experience
  • Merchandising, SEO, Site Conversion and UX Advice
  • eCommerce best practice
  • Insights into hotel trends

Partner Support

EAN works closely with you to make sure your hotel business is a success. That also extends to one of the industry’s largest networks of call centers to support your travelers. From initial booking to itinerary support you get access to over 1,500 agents around the world. We also offer dedicated technical integration and account management for our biggest partners, further ensuring business success.

  • Traveler support by over 1,500 agents for all partners
  • Integration assistance and dedicated account managers for key accounts