Merchandising Resources

EAN partners benefit from a range of Merchandising resources to help integrate our products seamlessly into your site and create your own promotions. We are constantly updating and improving the tools available to ensure our affiliates can improve their site's improvement with minimal investment. You can find the tools below within the Affiliate Center.

  • Merchandising Central

    Create your own promotions in minutes using Merchandising Central. You can choose from various output formats including widgets, pages and feeds or use our ready-made campaigns to get started immediately.

  • Search Boxes

    Using Chameleon's control panel you can easily create customizable search boxes to display selected hotel products to fit your site's needs.

    Colors, destinations and radio buttons can all be customized to ensure your customers are exposed to the right hotels for your site.

  • Properties Database

    Delimited TXT files available for our partners with hotel properties with properties data and description in a variety of languages.

  • XML Product Feed

    On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is paramount for the success of a site, integrating our products in your site through our XML product feed will allow you to have more control on the way you can display travel products content. With this solution you will have a more “hands on” approach when integrating our products with your own content in order to be able to do a better SEO.